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anyone in the phoenix, AZarea Alliaceous tour bus benefit saturday june 11th!

Alliaceous tour bus benefit saturday night june 11th at 918 w. portland in downtown phoenix!
If you've not heard Alliaceous they're a folkcore group with 2 memebers of Contravene and they're amazing.

also playing is
Treasure Mammal

Blame It On The Letter(exp. indie
/peace punk),

Lukas may play an acoustic set

Alliaceous(folky anarchist melodic punk goodness, with 2 members of Contravene,)
Good times. $3 get your party on!

To get to Dugan's, take the I-10 to 7th Ave. Exit and head S. to Roosevelt. Take a right and head to 9th Ave. Take another right and take a left onto Portland. The address is 918 W. Portland. Look for the house on your right with the picket fence and X-mas lights on the porch. right in the heart of downtown phoenix.

Come out and help Alliaceous get back on the road for another summer tour. PLEASE REPOST!!! Tell all of your friends. This is a show not to be missed!
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