Crowd Revolt - Death to the Modern World (crowdrevolt) wrote in philosophepunks,
Crowd Revolt - Death to the Modern World

exponentiation ezine 5.0 released

In this issue:
* Contemplate "Surviving Modernism Through Life and Death"
* Learn the advantages of buying staple foods in bulk
* Spice up your dinner menu with Jihad Fajitas
* Explore Tangerine Dream's "Sorcerer"
* Step into the world of "Erosion and Bones"
* And more: articles, reviews, news...

A publication of hope and possibility, Exponentiation strikes boldly
against the languor of despair of this functionalistic era. Covering
art, culture, cooking and self-sufficiency, it explores both what
remains of human greatness and its possibilities for the future. Stay
in touch with the ideas that will re-make our world and give up on
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